About Us

Education and Techno India Group have become synonymous over time. It is absolutely impossible to not mention the name of Techno India when discussing about education in West Bengal, and its wings are spreading to wider horizons now.

We are constantly trying to live up to our tagline, “harnessing technology, enriching lives”. Therefore, in all our schools we try to make the best utilisation of technology to make education a perfect blend of science and art. Every individual is provided the freedom to explore, experiment, learn and.

Our school campuses comprise of a plethora of facilities for students so that school proves to them a real home away from home.

  •  Knowledge Centre
  •  Cafeteria and Dinning Facility
  •  Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facility
  •  Student Recreation Facility
  •  Performing and Visual Arts Studio
  •  Auditorium
  •  Medical and Security Facility