Students at the Techno India Group Public School get facilities that very rarely are available in schools across the country. Keeping students’ needs in mind, attention is paid to make their life inside the school campus comfortable. Students are encouraged to take part in various indoor and outdoor activities, and learn to be computer savvy. Libraries are updated with new books from time to time, and laboratories are well-equipped.

  •  Knowledge centre
  •  Cafeteria and dining
  •  Indoor and outdoor facility
  •  Performing & Visual Arts Studio
  •  Student Recreation
  •  Medical and Security
  •  Auditorium
  •  Smart Classroom
  •  Well- equipped library
  •  Online Computer Labs
  •  Arts, Drama, Music and Cultural Centre
  •  Well Equipped Labs and Equipments

The Robotics Lab is a special facility. The Robotics Learning System is a program and platform, where hands-on projects and team activities are used to provide a fun-filled educational environment. By building and programming robots, students explore fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Robotics Learning System takes children beyond text-based study and teaches through the process of discovery. Children develop competence with numbers and measures. The hands-on way of learning gives them visual grasp of math and science. The process builds logical thinking and enhances problem-solving skills.