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Techno India Group Public School

Not Just Education, But A Lifetime's Learning

Techno India not just means education. It means an overall learning experience for an individual, so that each student imbibes lessons beyond the knowledge of books. At TIGPS, hidden talents are explored, encouraged and guided.

Admission Open for 2018-19

Academic Session

April - March



With a perfect academic environment, studying in TIGPS means always being on the advantage-up side.

The classroom size is optimum, designed for no more than 40 students. Furniture and classroom ambience is the result of careful planning. Cheerful colours, balanced lighting and careful positioning of work spaces contribute to the overall feeling of welcome. Education is integrated and activity-based. Assessment is a continuous process at all Techno India Group Public Schools and students are descriptively profiled on their cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

Class rooms are linked via CCTV camera to a central monitoring facility where every child is assessed vis-a-vis his or her strengths and talents.

In this academic environment an individual is bound to grow in all aspects. Each student is monitored and assessed, and weekly and monthly improvement is recorded. The school pays equal attention to every student’s academic as well as non-academic needs.

Students at the Techno India Group Public School get facilities that very rarely are available in schools across the country. Keeping students’ needs in mind, attention is paid to make their life inside the school campus comfortable. Students are encouraged to take part in various indoor and outdoor activities, and learn to be computer savvy. Libraries are updated with new books from time to time, and laboratories are well-equipped.

  • Knowledge centre
  • Cafeteria and dining
  • Indoor and outdoor facility


The schools under the Techno India Group follow the curriculum specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and it is formulated by the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT).

Students are exposed to both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

Academic Year:

The academic year is from April to March, with each academic year divided into two terms:

  • April to September (including summer vacation)
  • October to March (including Puja vacation and winter break)


TIGPS pays a lot of attention to co-curricular activities and sports. Students are taken on visits to places of historic, environmental and social significance. A wide exposure is given to performing arts, sporting & cultural activities, craft, eminent artistes and public personalities. The schools have captive facilities for sports, indoor and outdoor games.

Like photography without focus results into blurred photos, similarly, without clear focus, initiatives don’t result into success. In TIGPS, the focus is not just best education. It is far beyond that. The focus of all schools of Techno India Group is


Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. This is why Techno India Group makes it sure that every student studying in its schools gets the best facilities to excel into an all-rounder. There is no alternative to good learning, and school creates the base of every individual. From academics to co-curricular activities, sports to personality-building, school has a contribution to every aspect of a student’s life.

TIGPS is a unique world away from home where each student gets every opportunity to grow up into an all-rounder.

The Difference TIGPS Creates